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William T. Hornaday Award

Dr. William T. Hornaday created and established multiple conservation awards with demanding standards as he felt that only the most truly exceptional BSA conservation accomplishments deserved recognition. Upon review of the various Hornaday award requirements, it is easily observable that the awards are intended to recognize real and important impacts on the community environment. Dr. Hornaday felt very strongly that the work performed for any of the awards should also influence the attitudes of the communities and other Scouts and Venturers.

Therefore, there must be clear, written evidence that establishes detailed planning, leadership, and completion of a long-term project which can be accomplished in a variety of differing conservation applications. In order to best accomplish such a project, the BSA has created the William T. Hornaday Conservation Project Workbook, (No. 430-815), which is designed to assist in the planning, organization and implementation of a William T. Hornaday award conservation project. At the conclusion of the contemplated project, the completed workbook shall be submitted together with all supporting documentation as part of the award application. It is easy to see that the successful applicants discover the need to work closely with their conservation advisor; their unit leader; and the benefiting organization to ensure that each project fulfills a conservation need and is a representation of the best individual efforts to meet the high standards of a William T. Hornaday award. 

The variety of achievable Hornaday awards are divided between those bestowed by a local BSA Council and the BSA National Office. The local Council can bestow the Hornaday Unit Award (all Scout Units); the Hornaday Badge Award (Scouts & Venturers); and the Hornaday Gold Badge Award (Scouters). The BSA National Office confers the Bronze & Silver Medals (Scouts & Venturers); Gold Medal (Scouters); & Gold Certificate (Corporation, organization or individual).

Please contact the Daniel Webster Advancement Committee for more information.

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