Daniel Webster Council Eagle Scout of the Year Award

Important Nomination Information

It is critical to include in each Nominee’s submission, the DWC Eagle Project Summary Form which sets forth the various types and amount of leadership exhibited by the Scout commencing with the initial stages of planning and as thereafter performed throughout the course of the service project until completion.  

The summarized information includes:

 The basis for undertaking the project; the number of leadership hours contributed by the Scout; the quantity of personnel supporting the project; the total sum of service project team man hours rendered; the magnitude of work involved; the type of materials utilized; an indication of the amount of money raised; and the resulting impact to the beneficiary and the overall community resulting from the service project

Please be sure to include the one-page Eagle Project Summary Form with the award nomination form.

Download Eagle Project Summary Form

The Daniel Webster Council Eagle Scout of the Year Award is a recognition awarded by the Rotary Club of Merrimack through the Council to an Eagle Scout who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and outstanding achievement in their community.

Award nominations may be submitted for any Daniel Webster Council Eagle Scout earning the rank of Eagle Scout during the current year, including those who did so within the 16 days of the prior December.

Submission Instructions

  1. Please fill out the form completely
  2. Upload a letter of recommendation from the Applicant’s Unit Leader or Committee Chair
  3. If you have any issues with the form, please email us at support@nhscouting.org 

Optional: Applicants may upload no more than three additional letters of recommendation from persons outside of the Scouting programs. It is acceptable to use letters obtained for other purposes such as NAVIANCE Resumes; National Honor Society and College Common Applications.

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