Maple Syrup & Pancake Mix Sale

We are excited to partner with two Granite State institutions – Fullers Sugarhouse and Polly’s Pancake Parlor to offer Scouts & Scouters quality, locally sourced products to sell to help fund an exciting year!

Camp Cards Sale

The Camp Card Sale is designed to help Scouts earn funds to offset the cost of their Scouting experience. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($5.00) for each $10.00 Camp Card they sell.

National Jamboree

What’s a Jamboree? It’s not camp. National Jamboree is 360-degrees of fun, friends and fellowship with hands-on adventure that takes you places you never thought you’d go and challenge you to try things you never thought you could.



This forum has a treasure trove of great info – Scouters helping Scouters! Just a heads up, though – all content, information, and opinions shared on this forum are those of the author, not the BSA.