District Boards of Review

The purpose of a Board of Review is to determine the quality of the Scout’s experience and decide whether the requirements for the rank have been fulfilled. If so, the board not only approves the Scout’s advancement but also provides encouragement to continue the quest for the next rank.

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Last Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm

St. John’s United Methodist Church
28 Cataract Avenue
Dover, NH 03820

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Eagle Board Notes

The Eagle Scout Candidate must contact the Eagle Board Chairman at least 7 days prior to a District Eagle Board of Review for their initial project review and approval. The Eagle Service Project Workbook pertaining to the initial project plan should be completed, signed and ready for the Eagle Board prior to the meeting.  The service project, including the Eagle Project Fundraising. A Scout cannot start until the service project until it has been approved by the Eagle Board. Once the plan has been approved by the Eagle Board, the Scout is encouraged to use the final plan sections in the workbook to assist them through the process, as well as help with completing the project successfully. After the service project has been completed, the Scout must complete the final project report and the Eagle Scout Rank Advancement Application. The Eagle Scout Rank Advancement Application must be sent to Council for validation. Once it has been validated and sent to the Eagle Board Chairman, the board chair will contact the Eagle Candidate to schedule the Eagle Scout Candidate’s Final Board of Review. It is expected that the Eagle Scout Candidate, along with their Scoutmaster and their Coach/Advisor/Mentor will attend this Final Board of Review. The Scout is expected to bring at least 3 copies of his Final Project Report, with ALL appropriate signatures, as indicated in the project workbook.

All regularly scheduled meetings are held at:
St. James United Methodist Church
646 Daniel Webster Highway
Merrimack, NH 03054

Look for Scout Leaders when you enter the building. Please check the district calendar for specific meetings or other exceptions.

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Eagle Board Notes

Please contact the district Eagle admin person to schedule an appointment for your Eagle Project Review, two weeks in advance of the scheduled project review date. It is required that an electronic copy of your Eagle Scout Leadership Service Workbook be submitted through email when requesting an appointment.

The district meets twice each month during the regular program year (September-June) for this purpose as follows:

The 2nd Tuesday of each month for project reviews. (Except August)

The 4th Wednesday of each month for board of reviews – except in November and December when the meeting is moved to the 3rd Wednesday to avoid conflicts with Thanksgiving

Christmas and Hanukkah

During the summer months of July and August, there are no regularly scheduled Eagle Boards of Reviews, but we will meet on an as-needed basis. Scouts who forward their Eagle applications to the council after June 1st should include a note to the district on whether they will be attending college in the fall. All reasonable attempts will be made to hold a board of review before August 15th for Scouts attending college in the fall.

The Eagle Scout Leadership Service Workbook must be used to fulfill the Eagle service project requirements.

The district will schedule an Eagle board of review after the Scout’s Eagle application and Statement of Ambition received from the council. A board of review will not be scheduled with the scout until a copy of the workbook has been received. It is recommended that you also send an electronic copy of the completed workbook to the district’s Eagle Admin

The Eagle Board (both for project approval and final) meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

They are held at the Austin17House, 263 Route 125 Brentwood NH 03833 (bear right to park; entrance in back).

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The District approves Eagle Scout Service Projects and holds Final Eagle Rank Boards of Review.

When and Where

First Wednesday of every month, except July, at 7:00 pm.

St. Elizabeth Seton Parish Activity Center
190 Meetinghouse Road
Bedford, NH


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The Project Approval Process

Once a Life Scout has:
1) chosen a project

2) had it approved by the beneficiary

3) filled out the PROJECT section (section 1) and Fundraising application (if fundraising is needed) of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, and

4) obtained signatures from themselves, their Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Beneficiary Representative — only then, the Scout themselves (not a parent or unit leader)…

…should contact the Eagle Board Chair to schedule a Project Approval Board of Review, the first of two meetings required with the Eagle Board.  Do this at least two weeks before the next Eagle Board is scheduled.  Scouts will be given an appointment, based on time available and the number of committee members available each month.  Not all Scouts can always be accommodated immediately in the next month’s reviews.

Please Note:  No Fundraising or actual work to fulfill the project being proposed can begin until after the District Eagle Board has approved the Project Proposal.

On the night they are scheduled to present their proposal, Scouts should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time, preferably in a full, neat Class A Uniform, and bring with them:

1) Their master copy of their entire Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook with all original signatures (preferably organized in a binder).

2) Three photocopies, made from that master, of the appropriate section(s) showing all required signatures:  PROPOSAL section and, if fundraising is required, the Fundraising Application should be included for project approvals.

3) Their Scoutmaster (or surrogate if SM is their parent), and Eagle Coach (a “silent partner”).

When the Board approves a Scout’s Eagle Service Project, they assign an Eagle Board Contact, who can authorize changes or answer questions during the project process. This is in addition to your Unit Eagle Coach, Unit Leader, and Unit Committee Chair.

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Once the Eagle Scout Rank Application is filled out, it is submitted electronically to the Council.  NOTE:  hardcopy applications delivered to the Member Service Center may incur delays.  See Submission of Eagle Scout Rank Application and Request to Schedule a Board of Review.

Pay special attention to the essay requirement, stating leadership roles served other than in Scouting, and their life’s ambitions.

Note the sequence of deadlines: 

a)  All requirements must be completed and signed off BEFORE the Scout’s 18th birthday.  

b)  We strongly recommend that all Eagle Scout Rank Applications be submitted to the Council BY the Scouts’ 18th birthday.

c)  An application for an EXTENSION can be filed, but only in extraordinary circumstances.  The extension process requires local Council recommendations followed by final approval from the BSA National Council. It is wise to submit extension requests BEFORE a Scout turns 18. Councils have the authority to grant Scouts not more than a total of six months after their 18th birthday

d) The District Eagle Board has a full 24 months AFTER the Scouts’ 18th Birthday to complete a Final Eagle Board of Review.

Please Note:  High school seniors who forward their Eagle Rank Application to Council after June 1st should note if they plan on attending college in the fall and, if so, the date they are heading to college. In that case, the board will endeavor to hold their Final Eagle Boards of Review before August 15th.  Scouts should be aware that a Final Board of Review can be held up to 24 months AFTER their 18th birthday, but all requirements must still be completed BEFORE their 18th birthday.  On rare occasions, at their discretion, the Eagle Board may convene at a time and place outside the regular schedule, to accommodate individual needs or time constraints.

Final Eagle Board of Review

Once the Eagle Scout Rank Application is verified by Council and BSA National, the District Eagle Board Chair will then contact the Scout themselves (not a parent or leader) to schedule a FINAL Board of Review.  Scouts should not call or write the Chair to check status or timing unless three or more weeks have passed since submitting the application to Council.

Scouts should arrive on their scheduled date for FINAL Eagle Boards of Review 15 minutes before their scheduled time, preferably in a full Class A Uniform, and bring with them:

1) Their MASTER COPY of their entire Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, with all original signatures and all three sections, completely filled out (preferably organized in a binder)

2) THREE PHOTOCOPIES, made from that master, of all three sections —PROPOSAL, PLAN and REPORT sections for Finals –and showing all required signatures.

3) Their Scoutmaster (or surrogate if SM is their parent)

4) Their Eagle Coach, who is a “silent partner”

5) Their parent(s)/guardian(s)

6) Their Scout Handbook


8) A camera

The District Eagle Board meets with Eagle candidates for Eagle Project review and approvals as well as Eagle Boards of Review. These board meetings are usually scheduled at least monthly on a ‘first come first served’ basis and on space availability.  They are usually held on Wednesday or Thursday evenings and usually at the Melanson Building located at 353 West Street in Keene, NH.  Enter the office entrance and wait in the downstairs conference room.

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Eagle Scout Project Proposal Review Process

Please mail or email a copy of your project proposal and fundraiser application (if appropriate) to Pete Bissell District Advancement Chairman  after it has been fully reviewed, approved and signed as necessary other than the district approval signature.  You will be contacted regarding the time and date of your appointment.

Eagle Board of Review

Please provide the District Advancement Chairman with a hard copy of your completed workbook with all signatures, pictures, and documents in a binder suitable for board review. Submit your Eagle Scout Rank Application to the Daniel Webster Council Member Care Center. After review, this application will be forwarded to the District Advancement Chairman.  Both must be received before you are placed in queue for a review.  You will be contacted regarding the time and date of your appointment.

When the Eagle candidate is ready to have his project proposal approved, he should contact the Eagle board chairman to determine the best method for sending him a copy of the proposal. In most cases the documentation can be sent electronically and, in other cases, mail can be used.

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Project Proposal Review

Held on the 4th Sunday of the month.

The district Eagle Board reviews and approves project proposals. The Project Proposal section of the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Workbook must be filled in along with all signatures and any supporting documentation and/or pictures. If fundraising is needed, the project fundraising application found in the workbook should be filled out.

When the Eagle candidate is ready to have his project proposal approved, he should contact the Eagle Board chairman to set up an appointment with the Eagle Board to have the project reviewed.

Final Board of Review

Held on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Upon completing all requirements, the Eagle candidate should send his Eagle application and requirement #6 (Life Ambitions and Goals) to the council office. Council will verify advancement information on the application and then forward it to the district Eagle Board Chairman. The Eagle Board Chairman will then schedule the board of review with the Scout. The Scout should bring sufficient copies of his completed Eagle Project Workbook to his final board.

Who to Contact

For any questions, please contact Eagle Board Chair Gary West. Click here to email and include a subject line BSA, or call 603-798-5812.

The Taylor Home – Woodside Building in Laconia NH.

The address for the Campus is 435 Union Ave, Laconia, NH 03246.

Once at the Tayler Home Campus, the Woodside building is on the end of Ledges Drive.