Unit Meeting Guidance

The Daniel Webster Council wants to ensure the safety of our Scouts, Adult Leaders, Volunteers, Chartering Organizations, and our extended Scouting family. As part of reopening the Scouting program, before a unit, patrol, den, or any other Scouting group meets face-to-face, all parties must agree that a unit can meet. This document must be signed and on file at the Council Service Center before any meetings may begin under these guidelines.

Units Must Agree to:

  1. Follow all guidelines, as outlined in this document.

  2. Follow all social distancing policies put in place by local, state, and federal governments. This includes any

    guidance from the CDC and the Health Department.

  3. Comply with any other requirements made by meeting location or Chartered Organization.

  4. Adhere to the BSA Youth Protection policies

Note anyone found to not adhering to established guidelines will have their permission to meet revoked.