Training Resources for Units

The training model of the Daniel Webster Council is changing.  Units may now conduct adult leader training at the unit level using qualified trainers or mentors at either the unit or district level.

Adult leader trainers or mentors must have completed the training course(s) they will instruct in order to certify that an adult leader trainee has completed the training requirements.

To participate using the unit-led training process, trainers or mentors should follow the following steps to conduct training on an individual or unit-led basis:

  1. Identify the qualified unit or district trainer or mentor to conduct the training.
  2. Identify those adult leaders who will participate in the training.
  3. Print and review a copy of the Course Syllabus
  4. Print a copy of the Course Outline / Record.  A copy of the outline should be provided to the trainees in advance.
  5. Trainers or mentors should encourage trainees to have any necessary resource materials for the course as suggested by the course syllabus and course outline.
  6. Trainers or mentors may find additional training information at
  7. Upon completion of the training course, the trainer or mentor should complete the Online Training Certification and submit for proper recording into the Training database.  A copy of the completed certification will be provided to the Trainer and Trainee(s) automatically using the online system.
  8. All trainees are encouraged to complete, or be certain their Youth Protection Training (YPT) is current, prior to receiving mentoring for any of the available courses. Youth Protection Training can be completed online