Maple Syrup and Pancake Mix Sale

Since last fall, volunteers of Daniel Webster Council have been working on new ways to help fund Scouting in New Hampshire. We are pleased to announce the formation of a fundraising partnership with Fuller’s Sugarhouse based in Lancaster, NH, and Polly’s Pancake Parlor, based in Sugar Hill, NH.

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Fund Your Year of Scouting

We are excited to partner with two Granite State institutions – Fullers Sugarhouse and Polly’s Pancake Parlor to offer Scouts & Scouters quality, locally sourced products to sell to help fund an exciting year of Scouting.  Daniel Webster Council Scouts can then put their entrepreneurial skills to work by selling these great items to fund their Scouting adventures!

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Unit Leader Kick-offs

Register one of your unit leaders to attend our pancake breakfast to learn about this year’s sale.

March 1st – June 15th

Mark your calendars for this year’s sale. The sale will run from March 1st to June 15th. 

We’ve prepared a Sales Guide and Paper Order Form for you to use.

All units must submit their final orders online by June 19th.


Units will be able to pick-up all product on May 1st at a designated location.

Product Information & Resources

Unit Incentives

Thanks to the financial generosity of a New Hampshire Scouting volunteer whose focus is to keep Scouting affordable for all, we are excited to announce these incentives. The top ten selling units in the council are eligible for the following.

All units that sell over $1,000 are eligible for:

  • Top Selling Unit will receive up to 12 youth DWC Insurance Fee credits
  • 2nd Top Selling Unit will receive up to 8 youth DWC Insurance Fee credits
  • 3rd Top Selling Unit will receive up to 5 youth DWC Insurance Fee credits
  • 4th thru 10th Top Selling Units will receive up to 3 youth DWC Insurance Fee credits

Scout Incentives

For the first 10 Scouts who complete the following will receive $50 to be applied to a Daniel Webster Council operated summer camp.

  • Fill an entire Scout Sales Sheet (30 sales)
  • Email the form to

Maple Syrup

Fuller's Sugarhouse
$ 15 per pint
  • $4.50 Unit Commission
  • Made in New Hampshire
  • Award-winning Pure Maple Syrup

Pancake Mix

Polly's Pancake Parlor
$ 7 per 13oz mix
  • $1.40 Unit Commission
  • Made in New Hampshire
  • Light and Fluffy

Unit Sales Product Order Form