Second Chance Popcorn Sale

With the membership fee increase taking effect this rechartering, we know there is a need for funding for many of our units. We are pleased to provide a great opportunity to you and your unit to keep selling some popcorn to off-set those increased expenses.


If your Unit wants more time to reach its sales goal, or if your Scouts needed more time to reach his or her goal, we have some product available. If you would like to schedule a Show and Sell and need some product, we can help! Email us today at and we will set up everything for you. The logistics of securing the site, the product, and other resources. You just need to provide the manpower.

Items are limited and based upon a first come first serve basis. Your unit will earn an extra 5% commission. If you would like to sell more popcorn using the Take Order forms we will place another order right before the holidays. You can still use the app and we will fill your orders with our holiday order!

You can even continue selling online, too! Remind your customers there is FREE SHIPPING.

Please contact the Daniel Webster Council at 603-625-6431 for more information or email us at for additional information and to make arrangements to pick up more product. 

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