Zoom Usage Policy

The Daniel Webster Council uses Zoom for our virtual meetings and online sessions. Recently, Zoom has been in the news because of privacy concerns. Our council is very restrictive in our usage, and we restrict which features are available during meetings. When we started using Zoom, we took steps beyond the recommended practice at the time, and the recommendations today.


We use the following features to ensure our members are safe while participating in one of our Zoom meetings, and ensure that our sessions are secure. We require all of these features across our operations, and they are DEFAULT settings for our council operations.


  • We have enabled Waiting Rooms for all Zoom meetings. A participant must be accepted into the meeting by the host.
  • We have enabled the feature to have password-protected meetings. For some meetings, we do require pre-registration to receive the meeting credentials.
  • All events that have youth participants, it is required they have two-deep leadership, adult participation in their home, and pre-registration in order to receive meeting credentials.
  • By default, only the meeting host can share their screen, and additional sharing features and interactive features are turned off for participants.
  • For events that have youth participants, we use the Lock Meeting feature to restrict non-authorized individuals from entering the meeting.
  • Our team uses 2-factor authentication to ensure their login credentials are secured, and someone can not gain unauthorized hosting permissions in a meeting.
  • We restrict all meeting recordings.
  • The BSA mandates that no meetings can be recorded if there are youth participants.
  • The BSA will be issuing guidance for units and councils when using the Breakout Room feature in Zoom.
The BSA’s Social Media Guidelines and Youth Protection Polices must be followed at all times. Read more here.

The safety of our youth, parents, and leaders is our top priority in Scouting. This includes our online communities. When an individual joins a Daniel Webster Council Zoom meeting, first they are restricted to a Waiting Room. Once in the Waiting Room, they must receive permission to enter the meeting from the Daniel Webster Council staff member hosting the meeting. A host is notified that someone is in the Waiting Room, and upon verification, they can accept the participant into the meeting. 


Please review and understand our digital meeting policy:

This meeting is being hosted by Daniel Webster Council. This digital Scouting community is governed by the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Users that use inappropriate language or are potentially libelous or injurious to the privacy of an individual or group, using inappropriate language, posting any comments, photos, videos, links or other items will be removed and reported to local law enforcement.