Tips for Hosting Virtual Unit Meetings


Many of these have free versions or low rates, and there are many more.  My suggestion is to find out what the youth in your area are already using for school.  A couple of suggestions are:

Virtual Meetings: Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting

Conference Calls:

REMEMBER TO FOLLOW YPT guidelines for digital communication while conducting online activities, and include registered adults in all meetings and breakout meetings.


  • Be In Uniform
  • Have an opening/closing (even if its less formal than in person)
  • Use the opportunity to get everyone current on their Cyberchip
  • Use apps like Kahoot! to create interactive and fun quizzes and Scout trivia games within your virtual meeting
  • If you can do it at no health risk and have a good connection, take them on a “virtual tour”
  • Invite special guests to join you from anywhere in the country
  • Use virtual break out rooms for patrol meetings, giving them a clear task
  • Invite youth leaders to create video content, and to teach skills online as best they can be using the EDGE teaching method
  • Give Scouts an opportunity to share what they have been working on with each other on-screen or on camera
  • Take a couple of minutes to go around the room and ask everyone “how are you doing”.  For a big unit, this can be done in a patrol breakout.
  • Focus on badges that can be done at home, like the ones listed HERE
  • Give them a challenge to report on at the next meeting, like THESE


  • Shorter meetings
  • Parents should be online with younger Cubs
  • Keep it light and make them laugh (I know, standard Cub meeting fare)
  • Let kids share how they are and what they’ve done
  • Easy for siblings (and pets!) to join in
  • Do small projects together online (email list of materials ahead of time, but make them common items they’d already have at home)
  • Give them something to work on and share at the next meeting, like ideas on this LIST