Single Sign-On SSO

Scoutbook now uses the same login and password as

This is similar to what other sites, like Google, use one sign-in for Slides, Forms, Docs, Email, Sheets, Photos, YouTube or just about anything else they serve. Same with Microsoft, Apple or other companies that deal with a central identity.

We give access to similar information across all our platforms, so the risk of exposure is the same with one/multiple ids.

This is setup automatically when you are invited to Scoutbook, or have used  If you wish to ensure your account is setup for Single Sign On, go to and click on “Forgot Password.”  Resetting your password will setup Single Sign On.


All Scoutbook accounts will be required to be setup for Single Sign On.  For anyone not in SSO – after implementation date, when they login – they will see a Switch SSO dialog and the only path forward for them will be to create a MyScouting account and associate.

Note: All Scout and parent accounts, and most unit leader accounts are already on SSO. This won’t affect them.  

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