Frequently Asked Questions

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a youth-friendly, leadership curriculum developed by nationally recognized leadership consultants for the Boy Scouts of America as part of the continuum of learning offered by the Boy Scouts of America.

NYLT will build upon the experiences youth have as leaders in their troops and crews and the Introduction to Leadership Skills Training (ILS-T and ILS-C) they receive at the unit level.

Who can/go to NYLT?
  • Scouts, including Venturers and members of Scouts BSA troops, who are 14 or who have completed 8th grade, are encouraged to accelerate their leadership by participating in NYLT.
  • Our experience has shown that those who have already had Patrol Leader experience have a better frame of reference to assimilate the learning we encourage into their practices.
  • Scoutmasters with scouts who do not meet the age/grade expectations, but who will play a leading role in their younger troop, should contact the Course Director to ensure that this program is the right fit for their scout.
What is unique about Daniel Webster Council’s offering of NYLT?
  • Like many councils, DWC began offering the National Curriculum in 2000, when it was called Junior Leader Training. 2000 was the same year Camp Bell began operating as Patrol development-focused camp ton complementing the individual/troop experiences offered at Camp Hidden Valley.
  • The uniqueness of NYLT offered by the Daniel Webster Council is in the way we teach and the way we tie it back to serving our local troops.
    • Unlike other councils, we encourage participants to tie their first experience at applying their lessons learned to address a need in their scout troop, rather than just advancing a personal goal.
    • Additionally, since we do not have electricity to present the course material through DVD players and PowerPoint presentations, we have worked closely with local educators to leverage the resources of the camp to make the learning more experiential.
    • This means we invest significantly more time in developing our course staff so that they can effectively teach the curriculum to their peer group.
When can I meet my child’s Scoutmaster?
  • We recognize that many of our participants have never been away from their family or local scout troop for a week, so we want to meet with you to address any of your concerns and theirs ahead of time.
  • A pre-camp meeting for Scouts, parents, and unit leaders will be held on Sunday, June 5, 2022, at the Camp Carpenter Dining Hall, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • While your child is off getting to know their Patrol Counselor and fellow patrol members, we will have breakout sessions for parents and for scoutmasters to review the course expectations and to answer all of your questions.
  • The participants will return at precisely 2:30 to conclude our meeting as they show us how excited they are for the opportunity you have given them.
When/where is drop off and pick up?
  • Just like a normal week at Camp Bell, drop-off/check-in is at 1:00 on Sunday at the lower parade field.
  • Drivers are required to arrive and depart using the “Bell Highway” that connects the camp to Hidden Valley. Do not use Manning Lake Road.
  • Pick up is precisely at 8:00 am on the following Saturday at Camp Bell.
  • We have a very brief dismissal ceremony where we march the course down the road to the lower parade field, so it is best to be parked by 7:55. The Course Director will share a few words before the participants are released back to you at approximately 8:05.
What do I need to bring with me to camp, and what do you provide?
  • All standard Council requirements for summer camp apply to NYLT. Please see the packing list for more specifics on what to bring and what is not needed.
  • Why a backpack and not a footlocker?
    • Patrols pack all of their personal gear up a significant hill to their campsite. Backpacks work best.
  • Why a set of clothes that can get filthy?
    • We have plenty of fun at camp, and two of our most well-regarded activities include ones that prove to be challenging. Our obstacle course seems to be the most fun when it is mostly mud, and the realistic first aid class brings out the most exuberant creativity even though the food coloring tends to be hard to wash out.
  • We wear the complete scout uniform at morning and evening flag ceremonies, to specific presentations throughout the week, and for breakfast and dinner. We encourage participants to borrow uniform items from scouts in their home troop. Still, we have coordinated to have the scout store open just before, and after our pre-camp meeting on the first Sunday in June for any additional needs, you may have.
  • Why a tent? One of the best-reviewed program features is the Patrol overnight. While participants will have the standard two-person tents with cots during the week, they will need their shelter for the patrol overnight. Participants are encouraged to coordinate with their fellow patrol members at our pre-camp meeting on the first Sunday in June to ensure that enough backpacking tents are brought to NYLT for the patrol.
Will my scout be able to earn merit badges at NYLT?
  • No, the program isn’t designed around rank advancement but some merit badge requirements may be satisfied such as; “long-term” camping nights towards Camping Merit Badge
I already sent in med forms for my child’s week at a summer camp with their troop. Do I need to submit a separate copy of my child’s medical form(s) for NYLT?
  • Most definitely, YES. In accordance with state health laws, the camp health staff must pre-screen and retain copies of medical forms for each scout for each week at camp.
  • The Daniel Webster Council Member Care Center processes literally thousands of emails and exchanges to enable our troops and crews to attend our council camps each summer. If NYLT forms are not properly marked, they can easily be misfiled along with a scout’s unit’s week at camp, as opposed to their week at NYLT.
  • Please mark all med forms clearly across the top: “NYLT, WEEK 1, CAMP BELL.”
Where can I get copies of the Med Forms?
  • The link to the BSA Med Forms Part A, B, & C can be found here
  • Please note that the BSA Med Forms were updated in 2020. Forms that were completed in 2021 are still valid through 12 months after they were signed by a physician.  All campers will be required to use the newer forms in 2022.
  • All camp participants and leaders must present proof of up-to-date vaccinations for Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap). There will only be one exception, which is for those who are medically unable to complete the vaccination. Accommodations will be made for those scouts, but it may preclude participation in some activities and necessitate alternative accommodations during their stay with Daniel Webster Council. Refusal of vaccination for any rationale other than medical reasons cannot be accommodated. Documented medical reasons for not having these vaccinations must be presented with a note from your Scout’s medical provider no later than two weeks prior to arrival at camp. (This is, in addition, the scout health form). It must have an actual signature from a licensed medical doctor.
Regarding medicines, allergies, and food preferences.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry their own prescription or over-the-counter medicines while at camp. Parents are asked to bring medicines necessary for their child at camp on the first day of camp to the registration/drop off and turn them into the camp health staff using the original prescription bottles (loose medications cannot be accepted)
  • Camp health staff can only dispense medications in accordance with the label on the prescription bottle unless they have a signed directive from a physician stating otherwise. The camp staff will record dispensing medications using this form. Please bring a copy with the header information already completed to drop off/registration on the first day of camp.
  • If your child’s physician has directed them to carry an epi-pen or an inhaler, please include a copy of this form, signed by their physician, along with your child’s med forms
  • Participants at NYLT prepare their meals as a patrol, still, we are able to address individual requirements and preferences through prior planning and communication.
  • The camp commissary can provide substitutes related to many of the common allergies, but parents are encouraged to contact the Reservation Service Center by email at, the week prior to NYLT to clarify your scout’s specific needs during camp. Parents are welcome to bring supplements for their child’s needs/preferences to the commissary during check-in/registration. Those items will be sent up with the patrols’ meal kits as coordinated during the week.
Who do I call when I hear about an emergency at one of the camps?
  • Our commitment is that if something directly involves your child, we will do everything in our power to connect with you personally. That being said, if something of public interest happens at camp, please do not call the camp phone numbers, rather, look for the council service center to update their social media and notification systems.