National Membership Fee Increase

This morning we learned that the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America has made the difficult decision to increase the annual membership fee effective January 1, 2020 to:

  • $60 for youth members in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts,
  • $36 for youth members in Exploring, and
  • $36 for adult members
  • $60 for unit charter fees

The Daniel Webster Council has been advised that every dollar of the national membership fee will go toward the cost of essential services, including liability insurance for those participating in approved Scouting activities, program resources, safety standards, youth protection and personal safety training, and services to councils nationwide to sustain Scouting. The National organization will also continue to develop and improve resources that support our volunteers and youth members such as online registration, Member Care and Scoutbook, which now includes the Den Leader experience to ensure the safe and consistent delivery of Cub Scouting; as well as improvements aimed at simplifying the annual renewal process.

In anticipation of this announcement by the National Council of a registration fee increase, the Daniel Webster Council Volunteer Executive Committee held a special meeting to address the financial impact of a fee increase on Daniel Webster Council members.  By unanimous vote, the Committee approved a reduction of the Council’s Insurance Fee from $12 to $6 per member for a period of one year.  The Daniel Webster Council is fully committed to ensuring that Scouting is accessible, attractive and affordable to all youth families and volunteers throughout the Granite State. We are doing the following things to make this possible:

  • For 2020, the Council Executive Committee has voted to roll back the increased insurance fee from $12 to $6 for a period of 1 year. This will give units approximately $70,000 to help offset some of the National increase. The DWC insurance fee has always been additive to the National membership fee and stays in NH.
  • We are offering an additional 1% commission on all unit popcorn sales who pay their Show & Sale invoice during Settlement Day. If every unit takes advantage of the discounts, DWC will give to units approximately $6,500
  • Daniel Webster Council will establish a fund for all Scouts who sold popcorn in 2019 if our popcorn sales exceed $1,000,000.
  • We encourage units to promote online popcorn sales beyond our Council end dates for our sale. Additional commissions will be paid out on a quarterly basis by Trails End.
  • Any units who wish to extend their Popcorn sale through the month of November, please contact us to make arrangements so we can accommodate your request.

The Daniel Webster Council is committed to providing dynamic and innovative Scouting programs and has a reputation for providing one of the highest quality camping operations in the country.  The Council has done so through the commitment of a strong foundation of unit volunteers who partner with the Council to deliver the highest quality program to its youth.

The volunteer board is asking for your help to ensure that Scouting remains Granite Strong through this transition. The Daniel Webster Council needs your help by participating in our annual Friends of Scouting appeal, participating in the Adventure Card and Popcorn fundraisers, and attending summer camp at Griswold Scout Reservation and Camp Carpenter. If we all contribute and help, we will make a difference to the youth of New Hampshire who need the benefits of Scouting in their lives.

Thank you for your continued commitment to empowering a generation of future leaders of character through Scouting programs.

Yours in Scouting

Steve Curry
Council President

John Arico
Council Commissioner

Jay Garee
Scout Executive & CEO