Scholarship Information


The BSA’s aim is to ensure that every eligible Scout who is interested in attending the Jamboree is able to do so, regardless of financial background. While Scouts are encouraged to fundraise as much as they reasonably can, some Scouts will need additional financial support to cover Jamboree costs. Some national scholarships are available to Scouts with financial need.

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship can potentially cover any requested amount up to the full national fee of $1,285*.

In order to maximize the number of Scouts who can attend the Jamboree, full scholarships will only be given in the most extraordinary cases. Most scholarship awards will total 50% or less of the national fee.

* This figure represents the national fee. Be aware that additional fees may be charged by the council to cover travel and other costs.


There are two scholarship deadlines:

1) The initial deadline for scholarship applications is July 31, 2022, with first-round applicants told the result by September 15, 2022.

2) The second deadline for scholarship applications is December 31, 2022, with second (final) round applicants told the result by February 15, 2023.

The possible results for a scholarship application are: Approved for a specific scholarship award amount, Not Approved for a Jamboree scholarship, or (for some first-round applicants) Waitlisted to be considered during the second round.

Eligibility Requirements

Complete an online application for the National Jamboree AND be approved by your council to attend the National Jamboree by July 31, 2022 (for first-round scholarship applicants) or December 31, 2022 (for second-round scholarship applicants).

Be a youth participant or unit leader up to age 33.**

** Jamboree Service Team (staff) members are ineligible for scholarships because all JST members ages 16-33 automatically receive a reduced fee.

Scholarship Application Process

Scholarship applications are exclusively completed via the National Jamboree event registration system.

The Scholarship Committee will determine scholarship amounts for each applicant. Recipients and their councils will be notified of the award amounts.***

***Councils and National Service Territories do not have a role in reviewing and approving national scholarship applications, but may be contacted by the committee to validate requests. 

Scholarship Application Questions

Financial Information:

Size of Household

Parent/Guardian 1 Name (for youth applicants)

Parent/Guardian 2 Name (if applicable)

Total Annual Household Income (before taxes)

What is your requested scholarship amount?

Free Response Questions (500 words max):

Why are you interested in attending the Jamboree?

What are you doing to raise funds to attend Jamboree?

If you do not receive the scholarship amount you requested, how might that impact your ability to attend the Jamboree?

I attest that all information and statements on this form are true and correct

Yes, all information is true and correct

E-signature of person completing the scholarship application

Date scholarship application is completed