Recruit a Friend to Scouting Joining Fee Waiver Initiative

Recruit a friend to Scouting, fill out the joining fee waiver request form, submit the confirmation email with the new youth application and the new youth member will have their joining fee waived. If you retain the youth at recharter the unit will receive a $25 credit that can be used to reduce the unit’s recharter fees.

Click here to download the instructions

Joining Fee Waiver

We are excited to announce that beginning September 1st through December 31, 2021, Daniel Webster Council will be offering a $25 joining fee waiver discount to the first 1,000 youth who register using an online application and they redeem the coupon code during checkout – just like applying a coupon code when making a purchase online.

The coupon code is: beascout
(all lowercase letters)

Membership Challenge Horizontal

*NEW* July 1st to December 31st Incentive Extension

The President’s Membership Challenge.  If your UNIT recruits 5 new youth members to Daniel Webster Council (no Webelos crossovers count; five new to Scouting members, or re-signing up Scouts after a one-year absence from Scouting) between July 1st to December 31, 2021, once those recruits are verified you will be deemed to have done “outstanding performance”for Scouting in NH and will receive the limited edition President’s Challenge Coin. The unit will determine who is most deserving of the challenge coin.

But wait, there is more! From July 1st to December 31, 2021, if your unit recruits 5 new youth and you submit the information using the Council President’s Membership Challenge Form, your unit will earn additional funds to use towards your Scouting program! Funds are limited to the first 30 units so start recruiting today!


  • The first 10 Units (claims 1-10) that recruit 5 or more youth and submit their information for the President’s Membership Challenge will receive $200 deposited into their unit account. 
  • An additional 10 units (claims 11-20) will receive $150 deposited in their unit account.
  • Finally, an additional 10 units (claims 21-30) will receive $100 deposited into their unit account.