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Jaziah’s Story

Jaziah’s Story

shared by Katie P., mom
You know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, this couldn’t be more true. And when that child has some extra challenges it can be nearly impossible to find that village. I am so beyond blessed, and so moved to tears of happiness and pride that I have found myself compelled to shout it from the rooftops! Being terribly afraid of heights, I think that this tribute will have to suffice.
Seven years ago we opened up our hearts and our home to a sweet little boy who was sadly neglected while in the foster care system. We knew that this could mean lifelong challenges and that we would have our work cut out for us, but we also knew that this child was meant to be ours. We have lost many friends, and have shed many tears as we struggled over the years. A little over a year ago, when our son had been bullied to the point of a complete breakdown at school, we were finding ourselves in total despair. We couldn’t understand why there was no one in the world that was able to help us, and that there was no one in his peer group that would accept him as a friend. We were working with the school, and his team there truly cares, but they were just one part of the village. We have the right medical team now and they are helping us as well, again, they are just part of our village. We needed more. Then, a friend suggested that we bring our son to Scouts. He said that they were having the Pinewood Derby that weekend and we should take him to check it out. We went, and within minutes our son was welcomed by a Scout and they began to play.
Our experience with Scouts since then has been life changing. Although we owe this to the organization as a whole, we want to take a moment to thank one person in particular.
Luke S.
Cubmaster/Den Leader
Pack 186
Rochester, New Hampshire
Luke has not only accepted the challenge of mentoring our child in the ways of the Scout, but he has dug deep into our son’s heart and found his confidence and his self esteem. He was able to connect to our son in ways that no one else has, and he has managed to change the trajectory of our child’s entire future. For the first time ever we are looking forward to a new school year. We are feeling confident that our son will have the ability to stand tall and be brave. He will have the courage to make friends and to avoid the bullies in the world. Luke helped us to have the little boy that we knew was inside.
Luke has completed our village.
If you had asked us just one year ago if we thought that our son would go to overnight camp, and while there he would repel off the side of a cliff, we would have laughed. All the way up until the day before we dropped him off at Camp Carpenter I still had my doubts that this would ever happen. For Luke, Jaziah will face any challenge great or small. Any task that Luke gives to our son is a task that he is willing to take on. And any time that our son hears from Luke that he did a great job, we see our son beam. It truly takes a village to raise a child. I will be forever grateful that Luke is in our village, I guess in our case, instead of a village we needed a pack. I am looking forward to the adventures that our son is going to face as he moves up to the Scouts BSA level. And I know that he will continue to grow thanks to the Leader of his pack.