Fourth Grade Science Frameworks

ESS1. Earth’s Place in the Universe

4-ESS1-1: Use evidence from a given landscape that includes simple landforms and rock layers to support a claim about the role of erosion or deposition in the formation of the landscape over long periods of time.

Clarification Statements

  • Examples of evidence and claims could include rock layers with shell fossils above rock layers with plant fossils and no shells, indicating a change from deposition on land to deposition in water over time; and a canyon with rock layers in the walls and a river in the bottom, indicating that a river eroded the rock over time.
  • Examples of simple landforms can include valleys, hills, mountains, plains, and canyons.
  • Focus should be on relative time.

PS4. Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

4-PS4-3: Develop and compare multiple ways to transfer information through encoding, sending, receiving, and decoding a pattern.

Clarification Statement

  • Examples of solutions could include drums sending coding information through sound waves, using a grid of 1s and 0s representing black and white to send information about a picture, and using Morse code to send tex.