Eagle Board of Review

Pete Bissell

District Advancement Chair

John Lorette

District Vice Advancement Chair

The District Eagle Board meets with Eagle candidates for Eagle Project review and approvals as well as Eagle Boards of Review. These board meetings are usually scheduled at least monthly on a ‘first come first served’ basis and on space availability.  They are usually held on Wednesday or Thursday evenings and usually at the Melanson Building located at 353 West Street in Keene, NH.  Enter the office entrance and wait in the downstairs conference room.

Eagle Scout Project Proposal Review Process

Please mail or email a copy of your project proposal and fundraiser application (if appropriate) to Pete Bissell District Advancement Chairman  after it has been fully reviewed, approved and signed as necessary other than the district approval signature.  You will be contacted regarding the time and date of your appointment.

Eagle Board of Review

Please provide the District Advancement Chairman with a hard copy of your completed workbook with all signatures, pictures, and documents in a binder suitable for board review.  Send your Eagle Application to the Daniel Webster Council Office at 1500 Bodwell Road, Manchester, NH 03109.  After review, this application will be forwarded to the District Advancement Chairman.  Both must be received before you are placed in queue for a review.  You will be contacted regarding the time and date of your appointment.