COVID-19 Update: January 15, 2021

First, we want to thank everyone for their understanding during the recent pause in Unit, District, and Council activities.  To help everyone understand why we made the decision to pause initially the number of positive cases against the test rate grew from 6% at Thanksgiving and to over 10% at the time of the pause.  As of today, the rate has dropped to below 8%, which is very encouraging. In short, we are trending in the right direction.

Second, as promised we have compiled three matrices for your use and for your information the State’s vaccination plan.

Finally, we will no longer be operating in a paused environment effective January 22, 2021, but under the following conditions:

  • Maximum indoor capacity will be reduced from 80 to 50 until further notice. This will be reevaluated, and we expect this will change in the Spring.
  • A unit request to exceed the temporary maximum capacity of 50 will not be granted at this time.
  • Units over 25 are encouraged to alternate in-person activities every other week through February 28th. As everyone knows this time of year is where we see the highest level of respiratory-related health issues.
  • We recommend Blue & Gold Banquets and Court of Honors to be postponed to after March 1st.
  • District & Council events will be governed by Risk Management and will follow their guidance.
  • Those in the high-risk category are encouraged to opt-out, but that is not mandatory.
  • No change in outdoor camping capacity
  • Units should follow local ordinances and/or chartering organization guidance if their guidance is more restrictive.

As a reminder, the pause will end at midnight on January 21, 2021, and units may resume activity on January 22, 2021.

Our ultimate goal is to get back to normalcy so we can have a healthy Spring and reopen our camp properties for fantastic summer camp experiences.

As always, we are appreciative of all your support and commitment to our youth.