Merit Badge Workshops

General Information

Daniel Webster Council sponsors a series of Merit Badge Workshops throughout the year. We created the Merit Badge Workshop Series to provide eclectic and diversified Merit Badge offerings for Scouts on a periodic basis – with hand-picked counselors – at strategic demographic locations around the State of New Hampshire. Merit Badges are instructed by registered and approved Merit Badge Counselors in the Daniel Webster Council.

Participants should bring:

Program Information

Program Disclaimer
Completion of the Merit Badge(s) is not guaranteed for any participant. Be advised, due to the wording of some requirements some badges cannot be completed on-site, in-full, in one day. In those cases, every requirement which CAN be completed will be offered. It is at the discretion of the Merit Badge counselor(s) to determine if the participant(s) completed the offered set(s) of requirements throughout the duration of the program(s). Those that do not complete a merit badge during the program time will be given information from their counselor on how to complete and submit uncompleted requirements.

Participant Advancement Information

  • Blue cards can be provided if the participants do not bring one. All blue cards must be signed by their Scoutmaster prior starting the merit badge.
  • When referring to the merit badge requirements, please use current ‘scouting.org’ resources. Refrain from referencing other sources regarding requirements

About *prerequisite or follow-up requirements
Participants that sign up are responsible to complete these requirements outside of the allocated program time. Counselors will mark these requirements as complete when the scout provides proof of their completion during the program time. It is at the discretion of the Counselor(s) if certain requirements can be completed after the program and the method of how to do so.

Once checked-in, the staff will direct participants to their respective classrooms.

Check-out Procedures

All scouts are given their blue-card once the staff have visual confirmation that their appropriate ride is present. This procedure may be delayed due to complications with advancement paperwork. It is encouraged that all parties save questions, and comments until a majority of the check-out procedure is completed. Those who did not pay for their registration during check-in have a chance to pay during check-out with cash or checks.

For more information contact Matthew Ghirarda, Director of Camping & Program